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Service Scan - The Automotive Service Tool

  • EOBD Scanning - Code Reading, Live Data (with graphing), Actuators....
  • Manufacturer specific codes
  • On screen guidance and help, save screen data
  • Just 1 Harness for all 16 pin vehicles
  • Upgradeable and updateable
  • Vehicle support from 1987 to the present date
  • WASP add-on available for wireless measurement
  • Handheld, user friendly and easy to use
  • Illuminated ergonomic translucent case
  • Non 16 pin legacy harness adaptor available
  • Numerous service functions - Service Reset - FAP - TPMS etc...


More and more vehicles being seen in garages today can't be serviced and maintained with mechanical tools alone. Jobs such as changing brake pads, resetting service intervals, fuel additive and many more need an electronic service tool to complete the work.

Main-Menu-Service FAP-Menu

The Service Scan handset is the user friendly automotive service tool, complete with EOBD code reading and scanning. Building on the success of the SPi and ACR handsets, the Service Scan provides the same service and EOBD functions of the SPi at a lower cost.

Main-Menu Diagnostic-Menu Vehicle-Menu1 Diagnostic-Menu-ECU

The EOBD error code reading function on the handset has the added benefit of including manufacturer specific code descriptions, not just generic EOBD text!

EODB-Main Vehicle-Menu EODB-Menu1 EODB-Menu2

You can pick the Service Scan up, plug it in and it's ready to use. On-screen instructions and help is provided where needed to help you through your selected service function.

EPB-info-1 EPB-info-2 EPB3 EPB-info-4

All 16 pin vehicles only need you to connect one lead, using our Multiplex technology you never need to swap cables, adaptors or add-on pods.

Vehicles from as early as 1987 are supported, right up to the current date. For non 16 pin vehicles you can use the additional Legacy Harness Adaptor to connect your existing ACR leads to the Service Scan.

The handset is wireless ready, you can connect a WASP module and measure analogue signals on the vehicle and compare them on screen against the ECU component data.

WASP-Found EODB-WASP-Menu WASP-Dual-Readings EOBD-Bar-Graph

Updates are available either by SD Card in the post or via the Internet using our PC based update suite, and when you are ready to do more you can upgrade the Service Scan, you don't need to buy another handset!.

Service Scan Functions:

  • Full EOBD - With manufacture specific codes
  • Reset service lights and messages
  • Fuel Additive - FAP
  • Diesel Particulate Filters - DPF
  • Service intervals
  • Oil degradation
  • Injector programming
  • Tyre pressure monitoring - TPMS
  • Gearbox
  • Suspension
  • Steering calibration
  • Electronic handbrake - EPB
  • Injector calibration
  • Air Conditioning
  • Parking sensors
  • and more...





  • EOBD
  • ISO
  • CAN
  • J1850
  • FT-CAN (Fault Tolerant)
  • SW-CAN (Single Wire)
  • Lin
  • Fast-ISO (BMW)


  • USB
  • Wireless


  • Internet via a PC at the office or home!
  • 2GB SD Card

Display / Input:

  • High contrast back-lit graphics display, for up to 8 lines of data
  • Only 7 buttons - 2 more buttons than the ACR4


  • Wireless Automotive Signal Processor: WASP
  • Legacy harness adaptor
  • Foam insert carry case


See the downloads section below

Included in the kit:

  • Service Scan handset
  • 2GB SD data card as standard
  • J1962 16 pin harness
  • Quick-start guide
  • PC software and application CD
  • Access to the Internet based update service



Application List - Visit the SPSupport site to download the latest Service Scan application list. Application List



WASP - Wireless Automotive Signal Processor
SPi Handset
- The automotive service and diagnostic tool

Service Scan



SPD Product Code Description
1410-9100 + 1410-9101
Service Scan Handset + 4 Quarterly Updates via Internet
1410-9100 + 1410-9102 Service Scan Handset + 4 Quarterly Updates via SD Card
1410-9101 4 Quarterly Updates for Service Scan via Internet
1410-9102 4 Quarterly Updates for Service Scan via SD Card




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