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WASP - The Wireless Automotive Signal Processor
  • Measures common signals found on modern vehicles
  • Connects wirelessly to the SPi handset
  • Reliable long range connection
  • Low power indication
  • Status LED
  • USB Connection to a PC for updates
  • Battery saving auto power off
  • Auto-ranging Voltage
  • Frequency, duty cycle and pulse width measurements
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries
  • Probe and lead set included
  • Current measurement via additional current clamp






The SPi Wireless Automotive Signal Processor connects completely wirelessly to the SPi handset and allows you to measure signals and voltages found on automotive systems within a vehicle. Plug in the SPi to the diagnostics connector in the car, select the Wireless Module function on the handset and press the power button on the Wireless Automotive Signal Processor, the Wireless module is automatically detected. Using the probes provided you can hook up the module to a sensor output or actuator input and see in real time what the signal is doing, this can then be compared with the signal that the ECU is reading or providing using the standard SPi diagnostics. This is all done using a wireless connection to the SPi handset (up to 50m range*), so there is no need to keep running backwards and forwards, needing another pair of hands, someone to help, or trailing wires half way around the vehicle, now you can sit in the car and use the diagnostic handset, whilst the Signal Processor is testing signals
under the bonnet.

The Wireless Automotive Signal Processor is specially designed and protected to measure, automotive signals such as Voltage, Frequency, Duty Cycle (PWM), High & Low Pulse Widths (PWM), it can also work with a suitable current clamp!.

There is no need to connect extra power cables as the wireless module is completely battery powered, and has a low battery indication via the SPi. The wireless module is also user updatable via USB, so when new features come out there is an easy process to upgrade your module.



  • 0-2V (1mV Resolution)
  • 0 - 18.8V (4mV Resolution)


  • 0.47Hz - 350Hz
  • 245Hz - 20KHz
Duty Cycle:
  • 1 - 99%
High & Low Pulse Width:
  • 0.1ms - 4ms
  • 0.1ms - 2s

Update Rate:

  • 5Hz

Wireless Range:

  • 50m unobstructed

Max Input Voltage:

  • 40V Continuous, 100V Peak
  • Wireless module
  • 2x AA batteries
  • 4mm lead set
  • 4mm super sharp probe set

For more information download the WASP brochure



SP Diagnostics List Prices

SPD Product Code Description
1419-9000 SPi - WASP Module + Probe & Lead Set



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